Husband reaches police station after killing his wife

May 11 2020 01:40 PM
Husband reaches police station after killing his wife

Lucknow: A new case has emerged from Uttar Pradesh, which is surprising to everyone. In Moradabad, UP, on Monday morning, the husband has killed his wife with an ax. After carrying out the incident in this case, the accused himself reached the police station and informed the police about the murder of his wife.

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During this time, the accused said, "She had illicit relations with someone else, she did not love me. If I did not kill, she would have killed me." In this case, the police said that the arrogant youth told that "she was married to a young woman from Bihar. He has four children." Further the police told, " I killed her because of wife's illicit relationship. "

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Before the wife's murder, the husband had brought the children to his brother's house and after this he cut the wife with an ax. In this case, the police say that the matter is being investigated. The police has now taken the accused into custody and the body has been sent for post-mortem.

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