Young man used to force a friend to have a gay relationship, killed him

Oct 19 2019 02:20 PM
Young man used to force a friend to have a gay relationship, killed him

A case has recently come up from Gill village of Ludhiana, where a young man found dead on October 1 in the paddy fields was identified as Lakhinder Paswan, a resident of Janata Nagar. According to the news received in this case, he was murdered by his friend. At the same time, the police have arrested and taken into custody the friend who carried out this murder. In this case, the accused said that "the deceased was insisting on having a gay relationship and he murdered him after drinking alcohol".

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The police is still busy questioning the accused in this case. In this case, ADCP 2 Jaskiranjit Singh Teja said that "On October 1, the dead body was found in the paddy fields near village Gill and the police conducted a 174 post-mortem. During the post-mortem, it was found that the deceased was strangled to death. On October 13, after seeing the photo of the deceased, his son and nephew identified him. From which it came to know that the deceased lived in village Snana in district Gaya of Bihar and when the police investigated, it was found that his friend was with him on the day the deceased was killed.

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In this case, when the accused came to know that he was trapped in the case, he was preparing to leave Ludhiana but the police caught the accused before his escape. In this case, the accused told in police interrogation that "They both knew each other for about one and a half years. The friend told the police that the deceased used to force him to have a relationship with him. He was refusing for a long time. The deceased used to threaten him that if he did not have a relationship with him, he would complain against him in the police. He was upset by this. ”In this case, it was further told that only after that friend thought about killing the deceased.

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