Fiancee was found to be a fraud on the wedding day, boy took a shocking step

The wedding ceremony is very special in everyone's life and it is encouraged by everyone. Most especially if the marriage is taking place of its own free will, at that time, then this enthusiasm is doubled. But just think, how much a shock it will be if this marriage breaks down on the spot. Yes, something similar happened recently with a man whose fiance broke up before marrying him. Yes, and the man who was humiliated by the break-up of the marriage took revenge for it (Man Puts Wedding Dress on Sale) in a completely different way.

Now you may be wondering what it was, so we'll tell you that too. In fact, the man was engaged to his girlfriend and the preparations for the wedding had also started. During this time, the groom, who was amidst the shopping and the rest of the preparations, came to know that his fiancée was cheating on him. What had to happen after that, the marriage was broken, but as a result of the change, the wedding dress that the boy had taken for his future wife, was put for sale on Facebook. Yes, the groom, angry with his bride's infidelity, when he put it for the wedding dress sale, also wrote some specialities with it. Yes, at first he wrote, 'This wedding dress is perfect for a chip slapper.''

With this, it has cost only £ 5 i.e. 500 rupees for the beautiful white dress and has told that he came to know immediately before the marriage that his fiancé was infidelity with him. Apart from this, it has also been written - Wedding dress is for a fat woman who is also a little ignorant. Not only this, she falsely told her ex fiance, 'The dress is probably size 12 because she told it to be size 14/16'. Well now, this matter has become a part of the headlines.

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