10-year-old girl was called in Millet's field and got raped
10-year-old girl was called in Millet's field and got raped

The stories of crime coming today are surprising to everyone. In such a case, a case has come up recently in Ghatampur where a student of class six was raped by a young man from a village in a village of Police Outpost area. In this case, the victim's father alleges that "When she reached the police with the daughter, she was not heard." Being upset, she appealed to the SSP.

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On Thursday, on the instructions of the Senior Superintendent of Police, a case was filed against the accused at the police station last Thursday and in this case, the girl's father told that "her 10-year-old girl studies in class-six". On 6 October (Sunday), his daughter Hamzoli was playing with friends.

On the other hand, Ramchandra (24), a young man from the village who is going to cut the fodder, called his daughter in the millet field in the name of lifting a pack of fodder. When the daughter and one of her friends reached the young man in the field, he drove the daughter's friend away. Whereas, his daughter was caught and raped. Here, after the girl returned home and told the mother the whole incident, her family started searching for the accused, he fled from the village.

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In this case, the father said that he reached the one and a half post with the girl, the charge is that "the police did not listen and went on the name of investigating." On Wednesday, the child's father approached SSP Anantdev and complained. "In this case, on the instruction of SSP, a case has been registered against the accused in Kotwali under the Rape and Poxo Act and Kotwal RB Singh said that the case was filed." With this, the search for the accused has been started. The girl has been sent for medical examination.

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