Rape with 6-year-old innocent, police arrested

Nov 29 2019 01:40 PM
Rape with 6-year-old innocent, police arrested

Recently, a case of crime has come to the fore that upon listening you will be blown away. In this case, a gothic has committed a rape incident with a 6-year-old innocent girl. According to the information received, the child escaped from the clutches of the victim like that and the matter is being reported from the city police station area. As per the information received, the police have arrested the accused and taken him into custody.

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In this case it has also been told that, "During the day, the girl was going back home after studying from school." Just then, the accused took her home by seducing her and raped the girl. After this, the girl started making noise. Somehow she came out of the clutches of the accused and heard the tragedy in the house. The victim's father immediately informed the police of the city police station on the phone and after getting information, the police there Arrived and arrested the accused.

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At the same time, on the statement of the victim's father, a complaint was filed against the accused Nagendra in the city police station and the police have registered an FIR and are engaged in the investigation of the case. At the same time, the police took the child to Sadar Hospital for medical examination.

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