Shocking! Two youths who came to help a woman, gang raped

Jun 17 2021 01:20 PM
Shocking! Two youths who came to help a woman, gang raped

Jaspur: A shocking case has recently come to light from Jaspur in Uttarakhand. There, a young man has raped a woman after finding the wife of a young man living abroad alone. Meanwhile, when the woman raised an alarm, two youths from the neighbourhood came to her house and thrashed the accused. They then drove him away. Three days after the incident, the two youths who helped came back again and gangraped the woman. In the case, it is alleged that the two youths also made obscene videos of the woman while committing the rape and threatened to make the video viral on the internet if she told anyone.

Police have registered a case against the three accused in the case and have started investigating the case. As per the information received in the case, the entire incident took place in a village in Jaspur block area of the state. A woman living here is said to have lodged a police complaint. The woman said she got married eight years ago and the husband works abroad. She further told the police that 'she lives alone with the children in the village. The woman also informed the police that she had been identified by Ejaz's son Idrish, who lives in the new township. The woman was reportedly sleeping on the night of May 30. Meanwhile, at 11 p.m., Ejaz came home and raped her.

Meanwhile, qasim and faisal of the locality came to help after hearing the noise. The two youths then caught Ejaz and thrashed him. The same woman also informed the police that Qasim and Faisal started staring at her since the incident, after which both entered the house on the night of June 2 and the two raped her. The woman told police that during the rape, the duo made a video from their mobile phone and threatened to kill her make if she told to anyone about the incident. The woman says the two youths also assaulted her and left threatening not to tell anyone. The investigation is on in the case though no arrest has been made by the police.

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