Man raped a woman in the pretext of marrying

Jun 04 2019 03:32 PM
Man raped a woman in the pretext of marrying

A shocking incident emerged from Jodhpur. In this case, a young girl from Bikaner district has filed a police complaint alleging rape in a hotel at a railway station in Jodhpur. The victim first emailed to Sardarpura police station and the police registered a zero numeric FIR. The railway police have started the investigation after receiving the information found in the case. The Railway police officials Ravindra Dull said that a young girl from Bikaner last Sunday sent a message on the email ID of Sardarpura police stations.

In this case, the young woman has accused a man named Nalin, Rishabh and Nikita of rape. The victim wrote that on 19 April. The man named Rishabh called and raped her. According to Sardarpura Thanadhikari in this case, a zero numeric FIR has been sent to the railway police.

The investigation is being conducted on behalf of the Railway Police and the railway official Dull said that the victim is currently booked on the basis of mail. Well, this is not the first case before many such cases have been reported.

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