Man sentenced life imprisonment for killing two people by Scorpio
Man sentenced life imprisonment for killing two people by Scorpio

The recent crime that has surfaced is that of Mahoba. The District Magistrate judge has sentenced the driver to life imprisonment on Thursday in a case of reports that he had killed two people by a car in a dispute over the rental of homologous. Yes, according to reports, the official advocate Pramod Paliwal said that Vijay Putra Babulal Kushwaha, a village Karhara art resident of Mahoba Kotwali, was on a wedding ceremony on February 6 last year by renting a Scorpio SUV in Mahoba for Rs. 15, 000. The car was running Madan Kushwaha resident Village Karhara art. The skits were on the bandwagon of the village Raju, Ravi, Bharat, the request and Manoj.

The next day after the wedding, all the people from the skits came to Mahoba and the driver, Madan Kushwaha, parked at the door of the car owner. All the way down the car, "the police said, adding that" the car was going to be taken to Vijay village. " That is what the driver's dispute was with Vijay. After the brawl, all the people got out of the car and drove to Karharkala village on foot. All the people reached the Keerti Sagar only when Madan Kushwaha boarded the skits on all of them, leaving Manoj and Akhilesh dead on the spot while others were injured. "

Homologous reports that the incident was reported by Vijay in Mahoba Kotwali under section 302 IPC and the trial was heard by the district Magistrate, Justice Mahtab Ahmad, who has been sentenced to life imprisonment to skit driver Madan Kushwaha on conviction.

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