Former village head's son shot youth man for money, Arrested

Jan 26 2020 03:28 PM
Former village head's son shot youth man for money, Arrested

Recently a case has surfaced from Sitarganj in Uttarakhand. In this case, the angry former head's son has shot a young man for not getting the loan money back. According to the information, the bullet hit the young man's thigh and he was seriously injured. He has since been referred to Haldwani STH from CHC. According to information, the police have arrested the accused son of former village head and a case has been filed against the accused on the complaint of the injured's brother.

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On Friday, Khemkaran and some other villagers of Sabepur village were standing on the road in front of Ram Prasad's house and it is alleged that Harman Singh, son of the former head of the village, reached there and asked for Rs 1500 loaned to Khemkaran. On Khemkaran's inability to pay the money in this case, Harman fired two bullets at Khemkaran from the pistol and one of the bullets hit Khemkaran's left thigh while the other shot came out of his temple. There was a furor in the village due to firing and Harman escaped from the spot.

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Thereafter, the people there took Khemkaran to CHC, from where he was referred to STH Haldwani. In this complaint, Satpal son Brijlal, brother of Khemkaran, who was injured in this case, has accused Harman and his father of threatening him in addition to firing. At present, the police said, "The accused Harman Singh has been arrested from Janata Farm Tiraha. He will be presented in court on Saturday.

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