A person trapped in swamp for 32 hours! Got HEART attack as soon as he came out

Banswara: Recently a piece of big news has come from Banswara in Rajasthan. In fact, here a middle-aged hyacinth was trapped in such a way that it remained in the water for 32 hours. You must be surprised to hear this but it is true. In fact, the Civil Defense team worked hard here and in the end, their hard work paid off and the old man was brought out alive. According to some media reports, the middle-aged man was badly entangled in the swamp of black soil and he was submerged in water up to his neck in the middle of the hyacinth.

After this incident came to the fore, the middle-aged also had a heart attack and is now undergoing treatment at Mahatma Gandhi Government Hospital. In this case, Sadar police station in-charge Poonaram Gurjar says that 'Nanu, a resident of Khanda Dera, had left the house at 6 am on Tuesday for fishing. Which was accidentally trapped between the hyacinth in the deep swampy part. Adivasi Nanu was pulled out with the help of civil defense.'

He further said, 'Nanu, who left the house on Tuesday morning, did not return home till night. The relatives searched among themselves at night but were not found, the relatives also inquired about the nearest relatives. There was no contact, so searched early the next day in the morning. Last Wednesday morning at around 8 o'clock, the family saw his handkerchief and slippers near the backwater. This made him suspect that Nanu was nearby. After searching for several hours, Nanu's movement was seen in the middle of the swamp, then the family members gave a voice to him. He even tried to get his hands out of the water once or twice after hearing the voices of the family members.'

He further told that later the Civil Defense team, who reached through the police, took out Nanu from the middle of the swamp of hyacinth after three hours of effort. In this case, the family members now say that they had assumed that Nanu had died and had started preparing for the funeral, but then the news came that Nanu was trapped in a water hyacinth in a nearby pond. After that, Nanu was taken out after a lot of effort by the police and the rescue team. He suffered a heart attack as soon as he came out of the water and was admitted to the hospital, where he has still not regained consciousness.

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