Rules And Significance Of Mangalsutra In Hindu Shastras

Aug 03 2019 05:19 PM
Rules And Significance Of Mangalsutra In Hindu Shastras

All married Hindu women around the world wear Mangal Sutra. The Mangal Sutra is a sign of being pleasant for a married woman and is considered to be compulsory to wear. You may be surprised to know what we're going to tell you today. In fact, the Mangal Sutra has much significance, which you may not know. So let us tell you today why her husband gets younger if a woman wears a Mangal Sutra in this way. Let's raise the curtain from this secret and explain the correct way to wear the Mangal Sutra.

How to wear Mangal Sutra:

Very few people know that the Mangal Sutra is made from black pearls and that black pearls act to protect someone from the evil eye.

It is said that a married woman should never wear another woman's Mangal Sutra and if she asks for another woman's Mangal Sutra, it reduces the age of the woman's husband and embraces death soon.

It is said that gold should be necessary for The Mangal Sutra as according to astrology, gold reduces the effects of Guru Ghar. This is why happiness and prosperity remain in married life.

It is said that at the time of marriage, when the bride is dressed as the Mangal Sutra, then it is forbidden to take off and if the woman takes her off, it can put her husband in trouble.

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