Today is Mangala Gauri Vrat, Worship in this way!

Jul 23 2019 11:42 AM
Today is Mangala Gauri Vrat, Worship in this way!

You can tell everyone that Shravan Krishna paksha has a Shashti date and Tuesday, along with the Uttarbhadrapad Nakshatra, but the Rewati Nakshatra will start from 1.15 p.m. On the other hand, Rewati is the 27th Nakshatra, which is Pisces and is considered to be the lord of the Rewati Nakshatra, which means that the worship of Lord Ganesha in the Rewati Nakshatra will be fruitful for you today.

Shravan First Somwar Vrat Vidhi for offering prayers to Lord Shiva

At the same time, there is Ravi Yoga which will start at 1.14 PM and will continue till 2.42 PM tomorrow. It is said that Ravi Yoga is considered to be quite auspicious in which any auspicious task can be started.

While Mangala Gauri is worshipped on Tuesdays in the month of Shravan and the month of Sawan is fasted for Lord Shiva on Monday, Tuesday is considered as the day of worship of Mata Parvati. If your daughter's marriage is delayed, the girl's mother should fast for Mangala Gauri, which makes her get married without any hindrance.

Never eat this vegetable in Sawan or else Lord Shiva will become angry

For this, after bathing in the morning, one should wear new clothes and worship Mata Parvati in a proper way and then offer lamps, garlands, bangles, fruits, sweets for the mother. Tell everyone that this fast of Shravan month Mangala Gauri will take place on 23rd July, 30th July, 6th August and 13th August.

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