One mango can give lots of special effects to the face; read benefits!

Jul 16 2019 12:29 PM
One mango can give lots of special effects to the face; read benefits!

you will be eating plenty of Mango these days. Today, we're going to tell you some of the benefits you can use. You can also use it to enhance your beauty as well as food. If you don't even know how mango can be used to enhance facial beauty.

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Make scrubs from mangoes
Remove a ripe mango pulp in a bowl. Add one teaspoon of milk powder and one teaspoon of honey. Mix together and apply the paste on your face. Applying this scrub cleans the dead skin and blackheads of the face. Natural glow is visible on the skin.

Face Pack's do Work
Just as mango pulp is healthy, its rind is also good for the face. You can prepare face-packs from mango peels. Dry the peel in the sun for a few days. Grind it finely. Add curd or rose water to this powder and apply it on your face every day. This face pack removes dark spots and pigmentation of the skin.

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Decrease acne
If you are troubled by pimples, finely chop the raw mangoes and boil them in water. Now, with this water, you must clean your face twice a day, the benefit will be quick.

Tanning can be cured
Sun-drenched face, as well as other open body parts such as hands and feet, become tan. In this case, you can also boil the peels of raw or ripe mangoes on your hands and feet. Vitamin C present in mangoes helps to overcome the problem of tanning. Massage with curd or cream after rubbing with mango peel. Finally, wash your hands and feet with clean water.

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