Manish Kashyap says "It was all a dream."

"Take care of your body it's the only place you have to live. "Since childhood I had always fancied fitness artists and dreamt of being a fitness model. But coming from a mediocre class family circumstances were not so favorable. Due to lack of knowledge, opportunities and financial crisis all my dreams were shattered but I never gave up. I used to be skinny at that time and society always used to mock me and ill-advised me to try beer to gain health. I started to workout ,gathered some knowledge from reliable sources and started working upon myself. While I was in the process of training I also started a part time job at the gym.

This helped me hone my skills and further enhanced my interest towards this field. My parents also got me admission in hardware networking engineering but I never developed any sort of interest in the field and decided to follow my heart and left the course. By this time I was certain about whatever I'll pursue in my career will be in the field of fitness. I was fully focused on fitness and well being so I collected more and more information regarding this field and started working on it.I visited a Bodybuilding National championship one day and was really disheartened to see no representative of himachal pradesh in the event.

This was the turning point in my life. I went home and talked to my parents regarding starting a gym but they said that there was no benefit as people lacked interest and knowledge. I was really startled to find out people being so unaware regarding this field in Himachal. The surrounding area near my home only had a small gym with basic equipments and only a handful of people came to the gym. So I joined the local gym and saw people performing wrong workout and guided them. The gym owner appreciated my knowledge and handed over me the gym at a low budget as the gym was not equipped with advanced equipments. This was the beginning of "GYM 13".

Not everyone ends up finding their purpose and getting to live it out but Manish has been working towards his future for a while now. "I have taught myself a lot and I worked really hard.That's how I got where I am today". Manish Kashyap is the founder of gym 13 and currently owns three branches of this gym .The main branch of GYM 13 is situated in Chandigarh's prime location i.e. sector 22. He is also the Youngest President of World Fitness Federation North India (WFF).

We also organized a Bodybuilding event in 2016 which did not had any sort of government or public financial aid and was organized through my own pocket. It was mainly restricted to himachal participants. It was mainly organized to spread awareness and recognise the upcoming talent of himachal in this field and to encourage them. So far five events have been held and many more are on their way. Manish says "Never stop moving towards where you want to be." 

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