'Om Birla should go to Taiwan..,' Congress MP stunned over Nancy Pelosi's visit
'Om Birla should go to Taiwan..,' Congress MP stunned over Nancy Pelosi's visit

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader and MP Manish Tewari has welcomed the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. At the same time, the Congress leader suggested that an Indian parliamentary delegation led by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla should also go to Taiwan. Terming Pelosi's visit to Taiwan as historic, Manish Tewari highlighted US President Joe Biden's claim that Congress is a co-equal branch of government, which means that the executive has little control over Nancy's visit.

In a tweet, Tewari wrote, "Speaker Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is historic. As President Joe Biden told Xi Jinping that Congress has a common branch of government, an Indian parliamentary delegation led by Speaker Om Birla should also visit Taiwan.'' Tewari further said, "This is a visit to Taiwan not only by Pelosi but also by three US fighter jets. USS Ronald Reagan, USS Tripoli and USS America are also stationed in the vicinity of Taiwan. This is the most serious power launch by the US since 1995 when American carriers sailed through the Taiwan Straits. Tension is rising in the Indo-Pacific.''

Pelosi arrived in Taiwan late on Tuesday night. China has been furious by Pelosi's visit. He has immediately spread that he will conduct military manoeuvres in retaliation. Pelosi's visit raised tensions between China and the United States, as Beijing claims Taiwan to be part of its one-China policy. The White House, however, insisted that Pelosi's visit to Taiwan was not a violation of Chinese sovereignty or the US's long-standing "one-China" policy.

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