Manisha Ranawat And Prasant Balaji Together Provide Free Meals And Supplementary Needs through First Humanity Foundation.

We all want to offer happiness, whether to ourselves or our loved ones, the planet, or society at large. No matter how big or small, we make a positive impact and feel great at the same time. The youngest Producer, Manisha Ranawat, is all set for this. First Humanity Foundation firmly acknowledges that every child has the right to the best chance for a bright future, which is why they are fiercely committed to ensuring that children not only survive but prosper. Prashant Balaji is the recently appointed Chairman of First Humanity Foundation. He is the business tycoon, and through Fleurs, he is extending his reach into the various untapped markets of the world. First Humanity Foundation is expanding to various countries, and in that process, they've been facilitated by Prashant Balaji for UAE expansion. 

They provide children with nutrition, healthcare, protection, education, and response to emergencies; The First Humanity Foundation is there to help them. When kids are in their growth years, it is essential to concentrate on their nutritional needs. It is essential to recognise that today's weak child will make a weak nation hereafter, so the time to act is now and be the change-makers wherever we are, similar to The First Humanity Foundation. Calcium plays a vital role in the body, and its deficiency can bring about health issues that affect the entire body. Manisha Ranawat's foundation is on a mission to provide supplements and immunity-boosting medicines, including calcium and multivitamins, to people and children in need. In this pandemic, the need of the hour is a quick boost to your immunity system to keep it fighting.

A gesture that began as a small project at home has grown to impact many people's lives. The First Humanity Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded by family and friends. The Foundation is devoted to building a healthy and educated society by furnishing institutionalised generosity for long-term, high impact, and socio-economic transformation. The mission of this foundation is to serve humanity across the globe by providing education, health and food. Manisha Ranawat, the youngest filmmaker of Bollywood, is an integral part of this glorious organisation. She aspires to serve society and humanity through the First Humanity Foundation.

This non-profit organisation has organised various free food camps to feed poor children in India and across. The First Humanity Foundation claims to be present everywhere internationally to help people with the basic amenities. It supports overall child development. The foundation strives to foster self-reliance and help underprivileged individuals and children rise above their societal impediments.

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