Manisha Ranawat Speaks About Embracing Your Most Authentic Self

Manisha Ranawat, the famous and youngest filmmaker of Bollywood, speaks about embracing the true self. Every June, the LGBTQ+ community and its allies come together to recognize the strides we've made towards equality and celebrate the power of diversity. It celebrates the Queer community’s history of struggle and resilience for acceptance and equal rights. She supports the LGBTQ community and their freedom of expression. She recognizes Pride Month with uplifting messages of acceptance and self-love. Manisha Ranawat wants everyone to feel free and happy. According to her, we need to make sure that our LGBTQ community is all protected.

Manisha Ranawat, a renowned personality of B-town, deciphers that it's high time people and society should grow up. Instructing others what to do, inferring others based on what they obey wrong — all this must stop soon. Society must grow beyond all this. No one has the right to decide what someone else should do or live life like. If straight people have the liberty to marry, love, and live their life on their terms, why not the LGBTQ congregation. She is against moral policing, which is very common in our country. She says nobody's right to pass the judgments on what is right and wrong. She believes that in a country like India, society should learn to coexist and respect each other's notions and lifestyles. That's what makes a diverse country like India beautiful. So, we should respect people's choices and not control them. People should be allowed to make their decisions freely. 

Manisha Ranawat's colourful lifestyle leads to her colourful and open-minded thoughts. When you are in Bollywood's spotlight, it is simple to fall for a lavish lifestyle. In Bollywood, bigger is always better – in every way. Even Manisha Ranawat lives more significance than life. For her, a lavish and glamorous lifestyle is her priority. Although everything seems of high priority to Manisha Ranawat, nothing goes amiss in this race to get things done. Manisha Ranawat is a multitasker and into social work, from ending world hunger to enriching children’s lives through her foundation. She is into charitable acts and other good works like volunteering or efforts that help and contribute to the well-being of society overall. 

Manisha Ranawat, a writer, director, producer, and the production company owner of MD International, is currently working on ‘Jahaan.’ The movie's plot is of true love. She is excited about working with more new independent artists because of her passion and support for independent artists. Manisha has challenged Jahaan to be the most awesome movie of all time and be liked by people across all the expanse and of all age groups. Jahaan will undoubtedly be one of the finest romantic love stories in Indian Cinema. A simple story told in the most unexciting and enjoyable manner. She has a few movies in her name, but those movies have assured us that her work will significantly impact Indian Cinema in the future.

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