Manit Jain aka Moombahton Massiv finally releases a new music single with Richie Loop

Are you bored with your old playlists and need some new song suggestions? Well, well, a newly released music single will set your mood right. After all, it is Manit Jain's music! Of course, it has to be amazing. Yes, you read it right... Manit Jain aka Moombahton Massiv has finally released his brand new music single in collaboration with Richie Loop, called "Whine It Up". This song will find its place in your heart straight away.

With its strong beats and grooving melody, "Whine It Up" is one of the best songs by Manit Jain that you might have heard so far and is definitely worth a listen! 

Whine It Up has those fiery moombahton bangers melded with influential vocals and a catchy drop. This music single is exceptionally vibey. Its bouncy percussion, unique lead synth, and groovy drums will keep you hooked on the song for hours! While Manit Jain has produced this newly released record, the powerful vocals and lyrical compositions are done by Richie Loop.

On the release of his music single Whine It Up, Manit Jain says, "This single is very special to me. Richie Loop and I have been working on this song for a long time now, and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with the world. We hope that just like all our other songs, even Whine It Up fetches immense love and support from you guys."

The song has been released on Manit Jain's official YouTube channel. Heretofore, Manit Jain released his first single "Indian Flute" in 2020 and "Kalra" in 2021 on "FlexUp Records" from Italy. His music single "Kalra" gained unprecedented fame on all streaming platforms, and why not? The moombahton style made us all go bonkers.

Moombahton Massiv is an electronic musician, record producer, and DJ based in Mumbai, India. He is distinguished for carrying his electrifying electro and snarky sense of humour to the dance floor. Moreover, Manit has helped popularise the moombahton electronic genre, in addition to embracing trap and dance-pop. We hope Manit keeps experimenting with new music and keeps delighting us with his singles.

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