PM Modi said in 'Mann ki Baat program,' 'Medicine too, strictness too'

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing the nation today through his monthly radio program 'Mann Ki Baat.' In fact, this was the 80th episode of the event. Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his address by talking about the younger generation. He said, "The younger generation is witnessing a big change. Today's young mind wants to do something new in old ways. After opening up the space sector, many youngsters came forward with an interest in it. Today, startup culture is expanding even in small towns and I see signs of a bright future in it.''



At the same time, he said, "This language of ours is elegant and simple. Sanskrit through its thoughts, its literature also nurtures, strengthens this knowledge, science, and the unity of the nation. In Sanskrit literature, there is the divine philosophy of humanity and knowledge, which can attract anyone.'' He further said, "The efforts made in recent times have created a new awareness about Sanskrit. Now is the time to further increase our efforts in this direction. One such person is Mr. Rutger Kortenhorst, a well-known Sanskrit scholar and teacher in Ireland and teaches Sanskrit to children.''

At the same time, he said, "Vishwakarma Jayanti is also coming up in the next few days. Lord Vishwakarma is considered to be a symbol of the world's creative power in our country. The spirit of this puja should be that we will understand the importance of skilled and also give full respect to the skilled people.'' At the end of the program, he said, "More than 62 crore corona vaccine doses have been given in the country, but still we have to be careful. Medicines, even strictness. This is the 75th year of Independence. This year, we have to take new resolutions every day, think new, and increase our spirit of doing something new.''

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