This famous comedian called Manoj Bajpayee indecent and fallen man, now actor responded

Recently, famous comedian Sunil Pal made such a comment about Manoj Bajpayee that everyone was surprised. Sunil had recently called Manoj a mischievous and fallen man. Not only this, Sunil even called Manoj's popular series The Family Man as an adult. Now Manoj has given his reaction to this comment of Sunil. Manoj at first laughed for a while at Sunil's comment and then said that he can understand that people do not have work and what happens in such a situation.

Manoj told in one of his interviews, 'I can understand that people do not have work. I can understand this very well. I have also seen such situations. But in such a situation people should pay attention.' Sunil, who won the comedy reality show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2005, recently said that due to lack of censorship on digital platforms, such content is created which is not suitable for the family audience.

Thereafter, he commented on Manoj and his series The Family Man. Along with this, Sunil had told, 'No matter how big an actor Manoj Bajpayee will be, how many big awards he has received, but I have not seen a more indecent and fallen man than him.' He said that no matter how big an award he has received in India, but he creates content like an adult.

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