Man’s last wish left Family members in shock, wished to feed his Body to the relatives

 It is common to have a last wish before death. Sometimes people also have a strange last wish. There are many people in the world who have a unique last wish. A study conducted by an organization named Sunlife found that many times people express strange wishes after death, which is shocking. Here is a shocking wish by a person to fulfill after his death that left his family after death. A person has decided what he wants to do with his body after death and how he wants his last rites to perform.

As per the information, Ian Atkinson has carried out the research. He told that 4 out of 5 cremated people said that they want to celebrate their last rites as a celebration of life.  The study reveals that a person had once expressed a wish that after death he wanted to be buried wearing Santa Claus's clothes. One person had expressed his wish that after his death, toffees should be put on his grave instead of soil.

One of the most shocking wishes was of a person identified as Briton. According to reports, a man had demanded that he wants to make his body eat by his relatives. He wants to be served as food at his funeral. He wanted his body to be cut into pieces and fed to his family members. Cannibalism is illegal in Britain, so his wish could not be fulfilled, but the people performing the last rites must have been horrified to hear this.

 Ian also revealed that each year people want to make the death of their near and dear ones more glamorous and memorable and therefore many people do strange things after their death. He also revealed that once a family thought of sending his plastic prosthetic leg to Ibiza after the death of an elderly person. Ibiza Island is famous for its party and nightlife. 

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