The suitcase weighed more so this man did this to save money

Jul 12 2019 10:22 AM
The suitcase weighed more so this man did this to save money

People often fill up more clothes while travelling, after which they have trouble carrying them. Similarly, clothes can be carried in limited quantities when it comes to flying. Airlines charge extra if the goods exceed the limited quantity. There are some people in the world who use different rugs to avoid paying extra money when suitcases are heavy. One such person is going to tell you about that.

John Irwin, from Glasgow, made the case at the French airport. When he gave his bag for scanning, he was told that his luggage weighed too much. To save more money, John did something that made people at the airport laugh at him.

Indeed, to save money, John wore a 15 shirt over one to reduce the weight of the luggage. His son Josh Irwin made the video and shared it on social media.

After watching this video, people couldn't stop laughing and gave a lot of feedback. John's entire family was flying from NY Airport in France to Edinburgh. In this way, Mr Irwin saved a lot of money.

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