Fire breaks out in Jordan, 13 people including 8 children dead

Dec 03 2019 10:07 AM
Fire breaks out in Jordan, 13 people including 8 children dead

Recently, 13 Pakistanis, including eight children were killed in a fire in an agricultural farm in Jordan. Three people were severely scorched in this accident. The accident occurred in a fire in the city of Shuna, Jordan, about 50 kilometers southwest of Amman. The incident occurred in Jordan Valley on Sunday night when these people were sleeping in a temporarily built house. The fire is expected to be caused by a short circuit.

Thousands of foreign laborers: According to information received from sources, there are a large number of private agricultural farms in the Jordan Valley area, which produce fruits and vegetables. Thousands of foreign laborers also work here. They are usually kept in houses made of tin sheds. A large number of Syrian refugees also live in Syria adjacent to Syria. There have been many incidents of fire in their camps also due to electrical disturbances and gas stoves.

The Pakistan Embassy responded: the Pakistani Embassy official in Amman confirmed the incident. It said that this is a very unfortunate incident that happened close to Amman. It is sad that 13 Pakistani nationals, including seven children and four women and two men living in Jordan, have come under fire. The fire started on December 2 at around 2 pm. The cause of the fire has been reported to be a short circuit. The victim belonged to a Zoya family in Dadu district of Sindh province. Ali Sher Zoya, the head of the family, survived the incident. The family moved from Pakistan to Jordan in the 1970s and was associated with agriculture and farming. Pakistan Embassy spokesman said that they are in touch with the family and relatives of the deceased living in Embassy Jordan.

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