Is SC promoting fundamentalists? Several questions raised due to remark on Nupur Sharma

New Delhi: The supreme court, the country's highest court, has made a big statement on the brutal murder of tailor Kanhaiyalal by fundamentalists in Udaipur and suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. Supreme Court Judge Surya Kant said that Nupur Sharma is solely responsible for the murder of Kanhaiyalal. Not only this, the Supreme Court has described Nupur Sharma as a threat to the entire country. At the same time, she has been asked to apologize to the entire country.

The point to note here is that Nupur Sharma's statement has, of course, hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community and this has also been admitted by the Supreme Court that Nupur made this comment in a provocation. But how can one's life be taken for a statement? That too, he (Kanhaiyalal) did not even comment on anyone's religion. How can the Supreme Court, called the temple of justice, justify a heinous murder in this way?  Isn't the Supreme Court encouraging fundamentalists by making such statements? Tomorrow, if anyone is hacked like this by accusing him of blasphemy, will it be justified? Or will the court argue whether the deceased had really condemned a particular religion or not? And if it is proved that the deceased committed blasphemy, can the accused be released by holding the deceased responsible for his death?

Maulana Ilyas Sarfuddin had insulted the God of Hindus in a TV debate by calling the Shivling a 'private part,' so will his killing be justified? In this way, there will be no such thing as a law in the country. A few days ago, if the mob that was shouting slogans of 'Sir Tan Se Judaa' on the streets, had that mob found Nupur Sharma somewhere and they had beheaded her, she would have been held responsible for Nupur's murder? It is also worth noting here that, despite the brutality with which Kanhaiyalal was killed, the court has not spoken a word against that fanaticism. This comment of the Supreme Court has given rise to many such questions, which are very important for the future of the country. Because in such a situation, anyone can be murdered by accusing him of blasphemy and after the death of the person, the courts will just keep arguing that what was the root cause of this murder?

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