Comparing this Marathi actress with Rekha, the actress said this

The name of Mayuri Deshmukh, who is appearing in the TV show Imlie, is in a lot of discussions these days. Yes, Mayuri is associated with the Marathi industry and has made a place in the hearts of people in a very short time. Mayuri is playing the character of Malini in the show Imlie and people love her chemistry with Gashmeer Mahajani i.e. Aditya. On the other hand, Mayuri Deshmukh is very active on Instagram, and seeing all her videos, many people have started comparing her with Bollywood's Evergreen actress Rekha. Many people say that her style and personality are everything like Rekha Ji.



Mayuri Deshmukh has now recently made a statement in the matter. Recently, in A.P.J., he said, "They (Rekha) are very iconic. It feels good for 2 minutes when you read a single Shayari and compare it with them, but their work is very influential. His acting is very deep and I know the reality of where she is and where I am. It's nice to see fans giving so much love. They always compare you with the best. Their love is precious.''

In fact, recently, Mayuri Deshmukh shared a video of himself on social media. In that video, Mayuri was seen reading the Shayari written by Gulzar Saheb and after seeing Mayuri Deshmukh's video, people said, "Mayuri has exactly the same as Rekha.'' Mayuri has now made a statement on this.

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