Marcus Pereira recalls his entrepreneurial journey as a 17-year-old entrepreneur

Jun 07 2021 10:48 AM
Marcus Pereira recalls his entrepreneurial journey as a 17-year-old entrepreneur

The e-commerce sector is edging towards a revolution with its improved technology and relevant services according to the circumstances. The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of e-commerce as it became one of the top sources of shopping. But as we speak, the industry is expanding to meet the required needs of its consumers who are scattered all around the world. Dropshipping is a lucrative business model that gained popularity during the emergence of e-commerce sectors. Evidently, since its beginning, dropshipping has evolved into a fully operational industry. Marcus Pereira credits technological enhancement and better approach as the reasons behind the developments.

Marcus Pereira is a teenage entrepreneur and author. At the age of 17, he decided to initiate his dropshipping company to achieve his monetary goals. While the conventional companies follow the same stages with the least amount of creativity, he developed a system that is altered according to the requirements of the market. Marcus searches for products at cheaper prices and lists them on his online stores at a marked-up price. He later attracts the customers and ships the product directly to them from the retailer without his direct involvement. Many kinds of research have concluded the benefits presented by the system, which includes, management of time and space, cost-effectiveness, environmentally beneficial, and many more.

Marcus, being a business prodigy with a precocious mind, was always inclined towards budding entrepreneurial opportunities. In 2019, he discovered the marvels of dropshipping through a YouTube video. Today, he has emerged as an inspiration for many, with the legacy he has created at such a young age. Marcus values customer satisfaction, as he keeps it a priority in all situations. His journey so far has been a rollercoaster ride, given his lack of experience and resources. But as he grew, he realized his true potential and triggered growth by tapping into his qualities.

As a young entrepreneur, Marcus has garnered quite an amount of wisdom. He shares that networking within the market will ensure your knowledge regarding the demand and supply of products. It is pivotal that you concentrate on winning around the consumer circle to ensure your long reign in the market. Moreover, he says, one should take immediate actions and avoid dwelling upon decisions. It may prolong the service and leave a negative impact on the business. 

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