Maria Gallo Looks Back at Her Framar Journey: 'It Hasn’t Been Easy'

When it comes to the journey of being an entrepreneur there is no denying that everyone’s challenges are different. For Maria Gallo, she never imagined starting her own business. Raised in Niagara Falls, Canada, Maria worked as an office administrator after graduating college. She always had a passion for photography, gardening, biking, hiking and most importantly, being with her family. When her husband Frank, an experienced hairstylist, presented her with the idea to create an aluminum foil product for salons, she ran with it, and is still the driving force behind the company she founded 35 years ago.

Framar started off as a side-hustle for Maria, but a couple years after getting married, she and Frank wanted to start a family. The children came and the business grew, it was challenging times for Maria. She shared, "I was a woman running a business and raising four boys at the same time. My husband owned salons so that’s where his focus was. I chose the path of mother and business owner. The work-life balance has always been a struggle, but we were able to raise good, respectable children and grew Framar every year. It hasn’t been easy, but I’d do it all again in a second."

She then added, "I started it because my husband and I saw that it could be something special. It became the 5th child to us, something that we loved and dreamt about. At its core, this is why I feel Framar has so much success, there’s just so much passion behind the brand."


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