You may not know these interesting facts related to 'Marine Drive'

Nov 22 2019 09:53 PM
You may not know these interesting facts related to 'Marine Drive'

There are very few people who go to Mumbai and do not talk about "Marine Drive". Marine Drive definitely drives you crazy with its wondrous scenery. People come here, sit and enjoy the peace and hear the sound of the waves of water coming from the rocks. But, there is a unique story about this place that hardly anyone knows about it. The story behind Mumbai Marine Drive will surely surprise you. So let's know the story behind Marine Drive

Many people are not aware of the fact that once upon a time Marine Drive used to be a failed project. Mumbai's Backbay Reclamation Project (connecting Nariman Point and Malabar Hill) was proposed in the year 1860, and was then commissioned in the 1920s. The Marine Drive plan was for 1500 acres but, due to some domestic and foreign issues, only 440 acres were left. Out of which at that time, the Army took 235 acres and survived 17 acres of what we today call 'Marine Drive'.

Marine Drive was built in Mumbai around 1920. It is in the area along the Arabian Sea, from the Society Library at Nariman Point and Mumbai State Central Library to Malabar Hill via Chowpatty. The street-lights on the splendid curves of Marine Drive illuminate at night in such a way that it is known as Queen's Necklace. If you look at the pictures of Marine Drive, it reminds you of the gorgeous International Beach Miami. This is Mumbai's own Miami and certainly people are proud of it.

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