The fall of the market did not affect these companies

Mar 30 2020 02:38 PM
The fall of the market did not affect these companies

In terms of market cap in the Indian stock market, the market valuation of seven of the top 10 companies in the country increased by a total of Rs 1,23,039.72 crore last week. The biggest gainers in terms of M-Cap were to IT giant Infosys and Reliance Industries (RIL). Last week, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), RIL, HDFC Bank, HUL, HDFC, Infosys and Kotak Mahindra Bank increased their market positions. On the other hand, Bharti Airtel, ICICI Bank and ITC suffered losses in this case.

For your information, let us tell you that Infosys' market position jumped by Rs 29,215.96 crore to Rs 2,78,339.46 crore in the week under review. RIL's market capitalization increased by Rs 28,716.88 to Rs 6,75,448.95 crore. Kotak Mahindra Bank's market-cap increased by Rs 25,741.80 crore to Rs 2,67,353.25 crore and Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL) MCAP increased by Rs 19,007.13 crore to Rs 4,63,336.65 crore. During the same period, HDFC Bank's market cap increased by Rs 12,544.69 crore to Rs 4,96,264.84 crore and TCS's market cap rose by Rs 7,729.91 crore to Rs 6,82,408.68 crore. HDFC's market capitalization rose by Rs 83.35 crore to Rs 3,03,805.48 during the period under review.

Apart from this, the market valuation of ITC declined by Rs 15,549.67 crore to Rs 2,00,240.45 crore. Similarly, Bharti Airtel's market capitalization declined by Rs 7,092.22 crore to Rs 2,44,899.97 crore and ICICI Bank's MCAP declined by Rs 3,624.58 crore to Rs 2,20,128.56 crore. TCS topped the list of top 10 companies. This was followed by RIL, HDFC Bank, HUL, HDFC, Infosys, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bharti Airtel, ICICI Bank and ITC in the case of M-Cap. Last week, the Bombay Stock Exchange's Sensex gained 100.37 points to close at 29,815.59.

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