MP: Bride reached terrace on pretext of ill health on the night of the wedding and then...

Bhind: Recently a shocking case has come to light from Bhind in MP. In fact, in the Gourami area here, a bride jumped off the roof of her in-laws' house on her wedding night itself. It is being told that the groom had fixed a deal for the entire 90 thousand to get married, but everyone's senses were blown away by the bride's escape. In this case, the groom, who was a victim of fraud, has filed a case of cheating against 5 people in the Gourami police station. It is being told that the Gourami police station has taken 3 people into custody and is interrogating them. What is the whole matter- Yes, in fact, Divyang Sonu Jain, who lived in the Gourami area, was not married.

In such a situation, Udal Khatik, a resident of Gwalior, told Sonu Jain that he would get her married but in return, he would have to pay one lakh. After knowing this, Sonu Jain settled the deal for 90 thousand. After that, on Tuesday, Udal Khatik reached Gourami with a woman named Anita Ratnakar and Arun Khatik and Jitendra Ratnakar also reached with Anita Ratnakar. At the same time, apart from all these, another person was also with Udal Khatik.

Here Sonu Jain got married to Anita in front of the family members at home. The mangalsutra was worn, the demand was filled. After that Sonu's family members also blessed the bride and groom. At the same time, when everyone went to sleep, Anita went to the terrace on the pretext of being ill. After that, when the family members woke up at midnight, they started looking for the daughter-in-law but the daughter-in-law was not found. Then the family members informed the police and the police somehow caught Anita running away. Now the police are interrogating everyone.

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