Loving couple end journey of life, dead bodies found hanging

Jan 27 2021 03:40 PM
Loving couple end journey of life, dead bodies found hanging

Kanpur: In Uttar Pradesh, a couple of lovers were hanged by a mango tree in the fields. The incident has created a sensation in the area. As soon as the incident was reported, the police rushed to the spot and launched an investigation.

The girl is said to have already been married, even after she had a love relationship with a boy. On Monday evening, the girl's mother had seen her talking to her boyfriend on the phone. After which the girl was beaten. But in the evening, she left her home. On Tuesday morning, her body was found hanging from the tree with her boyfriend.  The family of the deceased boy said that his boy had left the house on Monday to visit Sikandra. But when he did not reach home, he was searched and the phone was mixed, he did not pick up the phone. Then he got the information in the morning that he had committed suicide.

District Superintendent of Police Keshav Kumar Chaudhary said that the interrogation of the villagers had revealed a love relationship between Shyamu and Aarti and the girl's husband also spoke of the love relationship between the two. Considering the case as suspicious, the two bodies have been taken into custody and delivered for post mortem. Police said the forensic team rushed to the scene and collected evidence. Dharmendra Singh along with the police force investigated. Two bottles of liquor have been recovered under the tree.  The police also wondered if the daughter had been married because of her love affair.

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