Married woman who eloped with love returned back after 40 days

Nov 29 2019 01:34 PM
Married woman who eloped with love returned back after 40 days

Fed up with the harassment of her in-laws and her husband in this case, Rupa did not return home. According to the information received in this case, the housekeepers believed her dead and started claiming the corpse found in the Nagadi of Ranchi and the police was also upset but now Rupa has returned after 40 days. According to the story which has come before the police in this case, Roopa Ranjan, who lives in an apartment in Bariatu, eloped with Facebook boyfriend after get fed up by the harassment of her in-laws.

In the police interrogation in this case, Roopa told that, "She was fed up with the harassment of her in-laws and husband." For this reason, on October 18, she came out of her. After leaving home, he called his Facebook friend Nitish Kumar near Divyayan Chowk in Ranchi. Then she came to Patna sitting in the car with her. After staying for a day or two, she went to Jammu with Nitish. Where she stayed for a month with her Facebook boyfriend. Nitish returned to Patna from Jammu. Nitish asked him to go to his father. At the behest of Rupa Nitish, Jan Shatabdi Express was returning from Patna to Ranchi. ''

At the same time, in this case, the police said that they got information about it and soon after getting the information, they showed activeness and recovered it at Muri railway station. Now Rupa has been handed over to her parents and she is not ready to live with her in-laws at any cost. 

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