Mars is to play a big role in the solar planet

May 04 2016 10:35 AM
Mars is to play a big role in the solar planet

Astronomical events are being held world-wide,. Astronomical societies are a hothouse of professional and amateur astronomers all enthusiastically engaging the public in astronomy, so be sure not to miss out.

On May 9, little planet Mercury will pleasure astronomers across most of the planetof the solar system, and some robotic observatories in space, with its few hour dash across the disk of the sun. The planet, which is the closest to the sun, won’t be particularly obvious to the casual observer, but assuming you have access to suitable astronomical equipment, you may be in luck.

The 2016 transit comes 10 years after the last Mercury viewing (in November 2006) and the next isn’t due until 2019. After that, there’s a long stretch until 2032.


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