Maruti Suzuki to increase price of all models

Aug 02 2018 02:48 PM
Maruti Suzuki to increase price of all models

The most renowned automobile company of the country, Maruti Suzuki has recently made an announcement informing that they would soon make a rise in the price of all its models.

As per the information provided, the company has decided to rise in the prices of all its models due to the commodity cost, the juggling prices of the foreign currency and the ever increasing prices of the fuel.

He officials of the company have informed that the price hike will be different for different models and they also said that they have been introspecting and inspecting their own models for quite some time now and have hence decided that they would set a rise in the prices of their models.


The official of India’s leading automobile brand asserted that the rise and fall in the values of the foreign currency, has influenced their business and their company’s worth in an inappropriate manner.

The final prices of the different models would be revealed in the month of August. There has been no revelation regarding the amount of price hike in the models, by now.

The company just declared that the price hike would vary for different models.

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