Marvel studios Moon Knight trailer released

The new year marks the entry of a new superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The new character from Marvel Comics reached the MCU screen, 'Moon Knight' is a young man serving in the US military who does not understand whether he is sleeping or awake. Marvel has taken this thing up in its comics as well, as the sleeping and waking conditions that appear in Santoshi Mata's Vrat Katha in India. This young man does not understand when he is awake and when he was asleep. And, in this affair, slowly he starts to understand his identity somewhat more. The trailer of 'Moon Night' has been released all over the world on Tuesday. This trailer has also been released in different Indian languages. The web series 'Moon Night' is going to be telecast on Disney Plus Hot Star OTT after Holi.

The story, which connects to Egyptian mythology's Chandradev Khonshu, will feature Oscar Isaac as the lead hero and Ethan Hawk as the lead villain. The trailer of the series released on Tuesday is taking full care of the mood of the superhero. The trailer doesn't tell the story of the series but it does tell that the hero has some powers that are associated with Chandra dev. A scene from the trailer also shows the superhero leaping from one building to another in front of the moon.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has now entered a new era after 'Spiderman No Way Home'. The stories of Marvel Cinematic Universe have already sent the MCU fans with signs of becoming more violent in the coming days. The MCU, which has so far avoided sex scenes, has also started adding a new chapter of physical relationships to the movie 'Eternals' in its stories. People believe that the trailer of the new web series 'Moonnight' is going to make the series even more dangerous.



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