Massive accident: Fire in chemical factory in Dewas, chaos in industrial area

Dewas: A sudden fire broke out in the industrial area of Dewas city of Madhya Pradesh on Monday night. The fire broke out in the chemical factory of matchstick, after which an atmosphere of chaos was created in the area. However, the cause of the fire has not yet been ascertained.

It has been learned that there was a blast at around 8 pm on Monday night. After which the workers working in the factory started running. Further, there were continuous explosions in the chemical factory. People living in the surrounding areas came out of their homes at the sound of the explosion. According to the information received, when he saw the high flames of fire, he started running away from his house with the necessary items. Some people have gas cylinders in their hands and some people started running away with their children. Some villagers alleged that the fire brigade's car arrived much later. The fire was so severe that it could not be controlled.

It is also being said that after the fire, the lights in the area were switched off. More than a dozen fire tankers were engaged in extinguishing the fire. The fire brigade was also called from Indore as the fire couldn't get into control. The villagers said that as soon as they came out of the houses after hearing the blast, they saw that the factory was on fire.

At that time many people were eating food, but they left the food and took 2 children with them and ran for 2 kilometers and reached Indore road. Many people ran away one with the cylinder also many people remained at their homes. According to information, around two to three thousand laborers used to live with their families around the chemical factory. Apart from this, some people stay inside the factory with their family, but after fire broke out, they left their belongings and ran away. People told that they have no place to go anywhere, so they are waiting to extinguish the fire.

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