Philippines have human-sized bats, see pictures

Jun 29 2020 03:57 PM
Philippines have human-sized bats, see pictures

The world is battling the Coronavirus, although now people have started living with it. To avoid this, people are protecting themselves with social distancing and masks. However, millions of people have also been infected with this deadly virus. Many have recovered and gone home. While many have died. It is also believed that the villain of the story of this virus spread from the city of Wuhan in China is bats. That is, the coronavirus has come into the human body from bats! Now the picture of such a bat is becoming viral on social media. It is also being claimed that this giant bat has been seen in the Philippines, whose photo has become a topic of discussion among the people.

Twitter user @ AlexJoestar622 shared a picture of a big bat on June 24. In the caption of this post, he wrote, "Remember when I told you that bats of' human size 'are found in the Philippines? This is what I was talking about." His post has received more than 1 lakh re-tweets and more than 2 lakh 61 thousand likes so far.

A user has written on this post, "The wings of this bat are very large in size. But its body is small. Just like a little dog! And yes, it only eats fruit. Especially guava. Hundreds of people commented on this picture of bats. While many have been surprised to see this, some say that this photo trick is amazing. However, the person sharing this picture claims that it is about 6 feet in bat size.

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