Because of this, mother Parvati left baby Ganesh in the forest

Sep 03 2019 01:13 PM
Because of this, mother Parvati left baby Ganesh in the forest

These days, Ganesh Chaturthi festival of Ganesha is going on. In such a situation, there are many stories and legends related to Ganesh ji which should be heard and read these days. In such a situation, today we have brought for you the story from Ganesh Purana, in which Mata Parvati left baby Ganesh in the forest.

Mythology - Mother Parvati left baby Ganesh in a dense forest. Only violent creatures used to roam in that forest. Sometimes sages also used to pass through that forest. A jackal saw the baby in that terrible forest and he started going to him. At the same time, Parashar Muni, the father of sage Ved Vyas, was passing from there and he saw an innocent child in forest and a jackal is also coming slowly towards that child. At first, Parashar Muni thought that this is any game or illusion of Indra who wants to disturb my tenacity? Thinking of this, Maharishi Parashar quickly moved towards the infant and seeing this, the jackal stopped at his place and then quietly disappeared somewhere in the forest. Maharishi Parashar noticed that child. He had four arms.

Was wearing beautiful clothes. When they saw his small steps, the flag, marks and lotus lines were clearly visible on him. Seeing this, Maharishi's body got thrilled and he understood that it was not an ordinary child but Lord himself. Then he put his foreheads at the feet of the child and he started thinking of himself as lucky. He went to the ashram with that baby. When his wife Vatsala saw a young child in the hands of Maharishi, where did you get it from? she asked. Maharishi said that it was lying on the banks of a lake in the forest.

The cruel heartless person seems to have left it there. Vatsala was happy to see that baby. Parashar then explained to his wife that this is Triloki Nath. It has come to save us. Vatsala was thrilled after hearing this promise. Both of them followed Ganesh's passion. It is said that Lord Shri Ganapati took birth in the era of Kashyapa and Aditi under the name of Sri Avatar Mahottak Vinayak and in this incarnation, Ganapati killed the demons named Devantaka and Narantak, established religion and ended his avatar. Simultaneously, in the Treta Yuga, Ganapati was born from Uma's womb on the day of Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi and was named Gunesh and Ganapati destroyed the monster named Sindhu and married Brahmadev's daughters, Siddhi and Riddhi.

At the same time, in the Dwapar Yuga, Ganapati again took birth from the womb of Parvati and called Ganesha, but after the birth of Ganesha, Parvati left him in the forest for some reason, where Parashar Muni raised him. The same Ganesha wrote Mahabharata at the behest of sage Ved Vyas. Let us tell you that in this incarnation, Ganesh killed Sindurasura and freed many kings and heroes imprisoned by him and in this incarnation, Ganesh preached the eternal element knowledge in the form of Ganesha Gita to his devotee named Varenya. It is said that he was the son of Mahishmati Varenya Varenya. He was released into the forest due to his ill-health.

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