Get Bored With Green Tea? Then Learn About This New Tea

Aug 07 2019 08:28 PM
Get Bored With Green Tea? Then Learn About This New Tea

Drink green tea to keep your self healthy and fit. It also benefits you, most people drink it to be lean. Quit drinking tea and coffee and start drinking green tea, but anything starts to feel bored when you start consuming too much. If you feel the same way, you're going to have to talk about a new tea. This is Macha Tea which is making everyone their own and attractive. Know about it.

What is Macha Tea?
Macha tea is Japanese tea, which is found in the form of green powder. It undergoes several processes, including drying and storing tea by breaking. Macha tea is not an extract of leaves but a powder of tea leaves.

Benefits of Drinking Macha Tea
The tea, known as polyphenol, has an antioxidant property that helps the body to prevent the loss of free radicals and prevent cardiovascular diseases and make the heart-healthy. Damage to UV radiation does not prevent skin damage and prevent the natural beauty of the face. Another antioxidant property called El-Thianin of Macha Tea also helps in calming the mind and increasing concentration. Drinking it leads to the removal of hormones called dopamine and serotonin which helps to improve mood.

The right method of making this tea
Heat this tea to make the Macha tea in a traditional and proper manner, but do not boil until it is half a cup. Take a teaspoon of tea and whip it in water and make a froth like a brewery. This method will take the maximum benefit of tea.

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