'Gandhi-Nehru were also terrorists,' what did this 'Maulana' of India said in support of Taliban?

New Delhi: Maulana Arshad Madani, national president of Jamiat Ulma-e-Hind and a hadith maestro of Darul Uloom, has supported 'Taliban' saying that the organizations are not "terrorists." Madani said that if the Taliban are breaking the shackles of slavery and becoming free, it will not be called terrorism. Freedom is everyone's right. When he breaks the chain of slavery, we clap. If it is terrorism, then Nehru and Gandhi were also terrorists. Sheikhuddin was also a terrorist. All those who fought against British rule are terrorists.

Arshad Madani said this during an interview. Madani spoke on a number of Taliban-related issues. On the allegations of linking the Taliban with Darul Uloom, he said the Taliban has nothing to do with Deoband and Darul Uloom. It is totally wrong to link the Taliban with Deoband. Maulana Arshad Madani said that some of the reaccused forces are unnecessarily spreading the illusion that the Taliban are studying in Deoband. He never received any training from Darul Uloom. Speaking on the ideology of Taliban and Darul Uloom, he said both are opposed to slavery. On the other hand, Madani said that women can come out and demonstrate without wearing cream, lipstick, burqa.

At the same time, when the Taliban in Afghanistan ordered sharia and the man and woman to study separately, Madani said who says that only Sharia says that boys and girls cannot study together. There are so many universities and colleges in India that are not co-ed. Girls have separate colleges and boys have separate colleges. So, was the Foundation of these colleges laid by the Taliban? Are all those who established them the Father of the Taliban? Is there a Taliban government in India?

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