Maulvi forgot to turn mic off of mosque, scary voices kept echoing throughout night

Feb 20 2021 10:50 AM
Maulvi forgot to turn mic off of mosque, scary voices kept echoing throughout night

When it becomes viral on social media nowadays, nothing can be said. In today's time, anything goes viral on social media, and after that mimes are also made on it. Recently, the audio of a girl named Shweta went viral. Now in this sequence, a video is going viral at this time. In this viral video, it is claimed that a cleric forgot to turn off the mike of the mosque, after which people were heard snoring on the mike all night.


You can see this video is becoming increasingly viral at the moment. In this video, Maulvi is being discussed after Maulvi's omission. On one side there is a strange debate on social media and on the other hand, people enjoy the fun too. You can hear in the viral video that it is clear how Maulvi is sleeping without worry and the sound of his snoring is echoing far and wide. Sharing this, a Twitter user @ dapakiguy92 wrote in the caption of the video, 'Maulvi Sahab went to sleep on the mic.'

Thousands have liked this tweet so far. More than 50 thousand people have watched this video till the time of writing the news and around 1000 people have retweeted this tweet while over 3000 people have liked it. Now people are also sharing funny memes in a funny way about this video of Maulvi. Memes are becoming increasingly viral.

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