Mayor here married a crocodile, thousands of people gathered to see

So far, many types of videos have come out which are shocking. Now after knowing about the case we are going to tell you about, your senses will be blown away. This is the case of San Pedro in Mexico. Here, The Mayor of Hamelula, Mr Hugo, has adopted a crocodile as his wife with full rituals. Yes, you may not be sure when you hear it, but it is true and due to this, their marriage is now making headlines.

It is being told that thousands of people attended the mayor's wedding and all the ceremonies were played well. In fact, this event was held about the relationship between the environment, humans and animals. It is said that it is common to do this here and people feel that by doing so, they will be able to get what they want from God. Not only this, but the common desire of the people here is to get good rain, and plenty of fish for the fishermen and to fulfil this, they do all this.

In fact, there is an old tradition of marrying a crocodile in Mexico, and people say that this has been happening since 1789. Yes, and there are many ways to do this. In this, first of all, there is the naming of the crocodile and then the date of the wedding is fixed, the guests and their relatives are called on that day. After that, the marriage is completed in front of everyone. In fact, there is a belief that doing so, is good for the people and the area.

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