MCX Gold Watch: See gold, Silver  futures prices in India
MCX Gold Watch: See gold, Silver futures prices in India

On the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), today gold futures prices in India climbed to Rs 46811 per 10 gram. In the previous session, gold was up 0.12 percnt or about Rs 56.2 per 10 gram. Conversely, silver futures grew nearly 1.79 percent or Rs1239.9 per kg to the price level of Rs.69270 per kg.

The gold spot price today scaled at Rs47170, up by Rs.56.2 from the previous day which was Rs.47160. A similar trend was observed in MCX future price with an increase of ₹56.2 and value of  Rs 46811 as of today.

Although the gold price in both global (USD1779.7), as well as Indian market ( Rs 47170), experienced a growth, the spot gold prices in Indian market grew by a lesser rate of 0.02 percent as compared to Global gold prices of 0.45 percent. Following yesterday's trend, global spot prices continued its growth today as well. It was clocked at USD1779.7 per Troy ounce in the latest close which noted an increase of 0.45 percent over yesterday. This price level is 2.25 percent higher than average gold price observed in the past 30 days (USD1739.7). Among other precious metals, silver prices saw a fall today. Silver plunged 2.18 percent to USD26.1 per Troy ounce.

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