CCTV Footage goes viral: Mohammed Romin arrested for allegedly stealing girls' undergarments

Meerut: A very peculiar case of stealing girls' undergarments in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, has come to light. Locals say some youths are stealing girls ' undergarments in Sadar Bazar area. The complaint was made on Sunday (March 14, 2021). People suspect that there may be some kind of bewitchment behind this kind of movement.

According to media reports, the people of Meerut Sadar Bazar reached the police station on Sunday complaining of theft of girls ' undergarments at Sadar Bazar police station. The police were also stunned to hear the case. People said that such an incident has already taken place. In Cctv, it can see that two young men came and escaped taking the clothes that were drying up outside the house. The local people have also handed over CCTV footage to the police to prove their point. which is apparent.

It is claimed on social media that one of the boys who carried out the incident stole undergarments and went to the mosque to read prayers. A complaint has been made against two youths in this regard. The entire case is from Kapadi Bazar in Meerut district. In a viral video on social media, a young man from the Scooty is going to the mosque with a hat. The other can be seen to be slowly stealing clothes and keeping them in the Scooty. The police informed that one of them is caught. The search for the second accused Mohammad Assak is continuing.


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