Meet Actor - Comedian Parth Parmar acing his journey as an artist in modern world

Jun 22 2021 01:15 PM
Meet Actor - Comedian Parth Parmar acing his journey as an artist in modern world

"AmdavadiMan" is not a new name to the GenZ, especially the Youtube fans and followers. The content creators of this channel have managed to make its audience split into laughter through their epic comedy videos and film parodies. One such creator, who has received immense love for his contribution to the channel is Parth Parmar. Parth was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in a family which had no connection with the flash world. His father is a government employee and his mother is a homemaker. Thus, Parth started this channel with three other friends of his- Kushal Mistry, Jatin Prajapati, and Vijay Gurjar who star in the same channel as co-actors and creators.

They started the channel back in 2016 and currently, the channel has a huge fan base and audience from all over the world. The channel has also helped Parth earn his individual stardom as he has several fans following him on his personal social media account too. He regularly updates his followers with several personal and professional deets. Many of them are comedy reels and videos too.

The 26-year-old guy also completed his work in the Vikram Thakor starrer movie "Tu adhuri Varta Na chedo" movie recently. He has earlier appeared as a cast member in the KD Digital produced song "Parne Maro Viro" sung by the popular Kinjal Dave. He also starred in the song "Tara Hum '' sung by Vijay Suvada. Otherwise, he has even promoted several movies with the celebrity star casts in their Youtube channel. Some of them include Bau Na Vichar, Golkeri, G-The Film, Raghu CNG.

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