VIDEO: You will travel in a luxury yacht flying soon, knowing merits will blow your senses

If you have dreamt of a luxurious walk in the air with water, you are going to have the luxury yacht to fulfil that dream. Yes, there has been a piece of great and good news for those who have such a strong will. In fact, the news has surfaced from Italy, where a company is going to build a luxury yacht that can fly easily in the air with swimming in the seas around the world. According to the information received, the yacht will be about 490 feet long and is being called an 'Air yacht.'


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Yes, and this yacht is being made from a dry carbon fibre structure that can fly with a speed of 60 knots or 112 kmph. Let me tell you all that 4 solar-powered electric propellers have been installed inside this flight to help the yacht. Not only that, it is fitted with helium-filled caves and can fly, hover and float on water. In addition, air yachts can stay in the air because their cavities are filled with helium which is light from the air. That's where propellers help it fly. However, it is not yet clear how much it will cost when it becomes an air yacht.

The company says it has designed it keeping in mind private owners who can spend crores of rupees on this yacht. The entire carbon fibre structure is said to be about 300 feet in size. It will have a width of 260 feet. In addition, 8 engines will be installed inside the yacht in addition to two huge domes. Yes, and all these engines will run on light batteries and solar panels. Recently, the company Lajjarini said that the boat will be able to fly with a speed of 60 knots or 112 kmph. The yacht is said to fly continuously for 48 hours. The company says, "Air yacht is not an aeroplane that will carry the common man or be for tourists. Its design is designed keeping in mind private owners who want to keep huge yacht.''

According to reports, the yacht will have private suites with beds and bathing facilities. This will enable passengers to spend several days during long passenger hours. At the same time, passengers will be able to see the waves while staying in the water and breathe fresh air at an altitude of 5,000 feet.

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