Meet Hanisha Sharma, inspiring others as an independent woman and a single mom.
Meet Hanisha Sharma, inspiring others as an independent woman and a single mom.


There are a certain set of people who believe in following the norms, the set rules of a society to be in sync with the working of the world. However, there are a set of other individuals who believe in crossing the boundaries and setting their own new rules. These individuals are the ones who have shown that no matter what life throws, people can and must overcome the same and lead a life of their choice, their own way. We came across one such woman who listened to her heart and created a fruitful career for herself in the vast Dubai as an independent woman and, most importantly, as a single mother; she is Hanisha Sharma. She did her MBA in Finance and now is pursuing a PhD in the same.Her greatest gift in life is her daughter, 'Vinni', for whom Hanisha has crossed boundaries to give her a happy and joyful life.

Hanisha Sharma's life story teaches people that anything is possible in life only if they decide to make that change for themselves and face adversities as they come. She introduces herself as a single mom who has no regrets in life and adds, saying that her ultimate joy and the most precious gift in life is her daughter 'Vinni'. Hanisha Sharma had got mutual separation from her husband in the year 2012. She confesses that for two years, she suffered a lot in a society that failed to understand her. This made her introspect many things in life and realized how important it was to spend time alone. Hanisha Sharma, in the quest to give a good start to her life with her family, decided to go on a vacation in Dubai. In 2014, when she visited the place, she also wanted to find a job for herself. 

This led Hanisha Sharma to start a new journey in life and career in 2014 in Dubai and since then has never looked back. Though she enjoyed vacationing with her daughter in Dubai and had a good time, on the other side, she pursued to start a great career for herself. Today, Hanisha Sharma is doing exceedingly well in her life and career, being a TikToker and social media influencer, all thanks to her courage and passion for taking on the world and becoming known as a true inspiration to many other women out there who are still waiting to spread their wings to fly high in life.

She has also been a State Level lone tennis player and a good debater. Apart from this, she is also the co-writer of a couple of children's books and the co-founder of a chain of pre-primary schools '9 to 1 kids Heaven preschools'. Hanisha Sharma did fashion designing at Annamalai University. Lastly, she confesses that she would like to start a school in Dubai if she got the chance. To know more about this independent woman and a courageous single mother, follow her on Instagram @hanishasharma97 or TikTok 

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