Here is M. Michael Mitama, an emerging talent in the world of IT & cybersecurity

Meet M. Michael Mitama, emerging as a sought-after talent in the world of IT, cybersecurity and a multifaceted business visionary who open sourced his knowledge to those wanting to advance their cognitive abilities when thinking outside of the box and solving problems.

He serves as the Founder and CEO of Theta432, a world-class cybersecurity defense company in the US, Mexico, Egypt, India and Dubai.

Isn’t it amazing to know and learn about all those people and professionals who believe in clinching excellence before going all out for securing success? All such individuals across industries of the world have shown what they truly possess as real and genuine talented individuals who seek to better humanity. Among many sectors filled with such talented individuals, the world of IT and cybersecurity has been on a constant growth spree, thanks to professionals and experts like M. Michael Mitama, who has made quite a lot of buzz with his one-of-a-kind "MetaSec" Cyber Defense company called “Theta432” based in the US, Mexico, Egypt, India and Dubai.

A quite captivating statement Michael has mentioned in various platforms:

"With the Metaverse, Blockchain, NFT, Cryptocurrency, IoT, AI and Robotics advancing beyond our wildest dreams it's time to take bigger bites and fix what DARPA didn't think of. Let's not let history repeat itself." He warns, "We need to think beyond imagination, go beyond our visibility, beyond limits to safeguard Web3 to ensure the safety of a new global internet presence with immense interaction quite possibly being a platform for new cyber crime...mind crimes, and massive disruptions to these multiverses being created while security is limited. We cannot simply exist under our old classical antiquated anemic  cyber security paradigm with anemic policies, budgets and slaps on the wrists. This will not be sufficient to stop what has been egnited by our augmented reality friends." He says, "Imagine this, is it not true that the Cognitions that our physiology is capable of producing sufficient enough to create chemical reactions within ultimately creating a catastrophic psychological event? Perhaps a panic attack, seizures, let's say. Could a Virtual Reality or augmented reality manifest new neural pathways that previously did not exist therefore introducing our neurology to similar events perhaps creating new chemical reactions with unknown reactions or consequences? Is it not true that strobe lights can cause seizures in some. Have you not seen these warning signs in various places? Yes, no? Now imagine what can be created in a VR/AR/Metaverse world where we just jump into the deep end not knowing what swims beneath. Do you not see the point?" He concludes.

Fast forward, rewind, pause! who is M. Michael Mitama really? Well, this passionate being has completely immersed himself in the field to protect people and businesses from all threats they could experience in their systems. This is how he went ahead in becoming an expert in cyber defense, digital forensics, and cybersecurity to fight these external threats, eventually becoming the CEO of Theta432 in June 2017. Before founding this company, M. Michael Mitama trained US government employees in various cyber defense and cyber warfare evasion tactics and since 1997 has worked with agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Homeland Security & Homeland Security Investigations. He even served in the US Army, which essentially proves how he plunged into the defense and security side of things since the beginning of his career.

Managing Theta432, he even served as Malware Special Interest Group Chair in the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), an international, non-profit association of computer security incident response. Currently, the ace cybersecurity expert trains in all sides of warfare, cyber, physical, tactical ops with members of the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, US Coast Guard Deployable Special Forces, among others.

Apart from his genius in cybersecurity, M. Michael Mitama has earned many awards and titles in business and the sports he chose to compete in, including Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Khmer Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts. Over the years, he has given it his all to successfully implement critical IT initiatives for all industries. He has passionately assisted companies through Threta432 in defending themselves to save them from dar breaches and is now imagining a world so plugged in that there will be crime we could not imagine. "To be foretold is to be forewarned!" Says Michael.

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