Meet Milan Shah, the young face of the event management industry, emerging as one of the top event planners in Gujarat.

Jun 09 2020 09:41 AM
Meet Milan Shah, the young face of the event management industry, emerging as one of the top event planners in Gujarat.

His out of the box ideas & dedication towards his work sets him apart from the rest in the industry.

When it comes to functions, events & occasions, Indian families are the most excited to either look after all the work that goes behind an event, or they call for event companies that can lower their responsibilities in managing the same & making it successful. Nowadays, the trend is to call for event planners & companies looking at the various functions & the various responsibilities it comes with. Here, comes the role of an event manager, who with his/her team transforms normal functions into grandeur events & makes it a memorable one for their clients for a lifetime. One such talented mind & soul that continuously searches for new opportunities & responsibilities is Milan Shah from Gujarat. This young man's passion for event management is about metamorphosing everything with his ideas but at the same time keeping in mind the requirements of his clients & fulfilling them.

Where youngsters are still at crossroads deciding about a career choice, Shah already carved his path & steadily moved ahead on the same by becoming a skilled entrepreneur & making his name count in the saturated market of the event industry. But, nothing comes as easy as it seems & Shah too had his share of struggles in life. However, with confidence & a positive approach, he decided to start early in life & today, stands strong as an independent organizer & event planner. 

Shah started his career in 2013 with being a part of the core team of Sunburn fest. And, since eight years have been putting in all his hard work & efforts by working for events & even organizing parties. At only 17, Shah also promoted underground music & parties & had the privilege to work with some international artists as well.

Today, Shah is the owner of his branding company named "alliancetimemedia". Coming from a humble family background, Shah always had the attitude of never giving up in life. He honed his skills all through his life experiences & made a career path for himself of his choice successfully.

Event planners do not live an easy life as all their work are based on deadlines & also the spontaneous requirements of their clients, plus the budget constraints, work pressure builds up their stress. Not just creativity, they need to spice up their events with their X-factor that could make the event a memorable one for them & most importantly for their clients. Even after all these uncertainties in work, Shah says that his work excites him every day since his clients are valuable to him, so he prefers to work with a smile always.

Shah's journey has been an exciting & challenging both from working for Sunburn to becoming a director of his own company. Talking about how his normal day at work looks like, Shah says that he begins his day early at 7.30 am every day & quickly goes through the events throughout the day along with his team. With this, he even makes sure to check all the rooms & each spot his clients may enter during the event. 

What makes Shah different from others in the business is that he emphasizes on the need to listen to each & every need of his clients & help in fulfilling them to give them a truly blissful & satisfying event experience.

Shah is popularly known as the young face of the event industry in Gujarat with his innovative ideas, creativity & detailing in work. His positive approach towards his profession shows in his work & that's also what has made Shah a favourite amongst his clients.

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