Meet Mr.Yogesh Kushwaha ,India’s most excellent digital marketer or Pioneer of Digital Entrepreneurship

Despite budget setbacks for many brands amid the 2020 pandemic, digital marketing remains a multi-billion rupee industry. According to The Pioneers 2020 Digital Advertising and Marketing report, Indian market is estimated at Rs 18000 crores. While the number is astounding, it comes as no surprise to make a name as a digital marketer it’s not an easy job, you have to showcase your own business to attract individuals and brands near you. We came across India’s most excellent digital marketer or Pioneer of Digital Entrepreneurship in India who is rated as the Youngest Digital Marketer and entrepreneur in India Mr. Yogesh Kushwaha.

He is a 26yr old dynamic digital marketing professional from Bhopal and brought up by a single mother. At a very early age he understood his responsibilities and started freelancing in digital marketing to support the family. In 2010, he developed a very successful social media platform “Trustship” along with his friends, which was bought later on a an MNC. His passion for the digital world is beyond the bounds and the same has been acknowledged by the almost everyone who came across his work for instance while he was pursuing his MBA from IBS Gurgaon, the institute offered him to take care of the its social media presence. His stupendous expertise of the digital world is unstoppable, while he was interning with NDTV during 2nd year of MBA he floored the experienced employees with the digital solutions with the lowest investment in the industry. He is an all-around personality with multiple gems of his talent, he has his very own entertaining youtube channel. He is always abreast with the newest trick of the trades in the digital world. 

He started his entrepreneurial journey by founding a successful digital marketing company named Branditude Media in 2018. In a very short span of 3 years his venture achieved new heights by adding the brands like ByteDance, NDTV,Tata Motors, Ponds, Cadbury, Tinder, IPL, action shoes, Work India and Major Youtube artists in his digital Marketing portfolio. Sources tell he became a multi-millionaire at the age of 23. He has proven to be a great leader as he practice work ethics and creates a very healthy work environment for his team, as confirmed by one of his employee. He believes in giving back to the society and hence have been contributing to it time and again. Labelled as one of the best online marketers in India, he is continuously pushing the limits in online business strategies with digital marketing. 

In an exclusive interview with Mr Yogesh, he was requested to share his learning for the youth of India to which he replied- “ Success is not final; Failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. He is actively working towards his bigger dream to support the young talents like him and help them sail through their hardships. Definitely, Digital Entrepreneur Yogesh Kushwaha is the brighter side of India in this tough situation. We hope he grows like this and keep inspiring the youth of India. 

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